Buyers Guide | Are Stand Fans Good?

You may think the stand fan is out of time, which is not suitable the modern life. However, electric fans are still practical cooler machine in the ordinary family daily life. Most of family still choose electric fans as house cooler machine. The stand fan is one of the most popular type of electric fan.

Following the trend of the society, stand fans also develop a lot. From the perspective of function, with the modern technologies, the fans could meet our variety of needs. We take this machine as an example. It quip the LED Display so that the users could easy to control the machine. The fan also could be control by the remote control, which haven’t seen before in the old electric fans. You could adjust it 30° up and down. As for the oscillation, it oscillate 90°left & right.

Pedestal fan with remote

Model No.: FS-40-844R
Size: 16 inch Stand Fan or 18'' pedestal fan
Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz
Motor: Aluminum or Copper motor
Grill: Line grill with belt/Mesh grill/Line grill with clip
Blade: 3AS/5AS, 3PP/5PP blade
Height: 1.3m-1.4m
Pedestal: 2.2/2.5/3kg round base
Timer: 7.5h timer
Loading quantity: 1700pcs/40HQ (1pc/ctn)

Double Blades Fans

Furthermore, you also can see double blades fans in the market. Yes, you hear it right. Double blades! Although it sounds ridiculous, it actually is very popular in our customers. Compared with the traditional fans, the double blades fans could more efficient than the simple blades fans. When the guests come to visit your home, the double blades design also attract their attention and impress them a lot. The fans manufacturers put their effort to make a modern standing fan to seek the best sale. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the struggling between practical and beauty.

16 Inch 18'' Best Pedestal Fan

Model No.:FS-40-707
Size:16 inch Stand Fan or 18'' pedestal fan
Voltage:220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz
Motor:Aluminum or Copper motor
Grill:Line grill with belt/Mesh grill/Line grill with clip
Blade:3AS/5AS, 3PP/5PP blade
Pedestal:2.2/2.5/3kg round base
Timer:1h timer
Loading quantity:1700pcs/40HQ (1pc/ctn)


All in all, you just leave your problem to professional manufacturers. They could help you solve the problems about the fan design. You could also get the customization. It not only have a great performance in cooling, but also provide users modern and convenience functions.